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Inspired by Latin America and Asia, Diego invites you to grab your food and relax on the sidewalk, but also to put on your fancy outfit and dance inside.

Velvet sofas, plastic stools, and wooden tables, beach umbrellas, and Coca-Cola crates make up the exterior served by the front bar/canteen, while the interior with the aesthetic of "worn luxury" with glass chandeliers and sconces, along with plastic chairs, exotic plants, striking mosaics and bright color contrasts on the walls, makes you stay for hours enjoying your drink in the indoor bar.


The menu, curated by Helen Sarantis, is inspired by the flavors of Vietnam and Thailand, but also Peru. Based on the logic of the canteen, in a more "comfort" version, you can try Thai, handmade curry, dumplings with homemade kimchi, small crabs with soft shells that are fried and you can eat them as a whole, duck fillet, and even skewers with liver and foie gras. Everything can be eaten either at the tables or standing up.

Executive Chef/Helen Sarantis

The bar of Diego has been curated by Vassilis Nikitas, who has developed a cocktail list with exotic elements and balanced, intense flavors that are going to stay on your mind. Coconut, strawberry, Thai Tom Yam soup, guava, lemon, Falernum (spicy rum liqueur with cinnamon, ginger and cloves), and black tea syrup with cocoa, are just some of the ingredients you will find to be used in his card.

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